How do I delete my profile?

It's easy! Go to "Settings" menu, then go to "Private Lives" at the bottom is drop-down list with the title 

"Who can view my profile." To remove a profile from the drop down list, you can select the "Cancel Account" Your profile will 

be permanently deleted.

How to edit a profile?

It's easy! Move your mouse over the menu "Profile" then go to "Edit profile" Here you can fill out your questionnaire!

How to add a photo?

It's easy! Go to "Media", the "Photo Album" Here you can add a new album and just a photograph. That would add just a 

photo, right click on the link "Manage" then "Add Photo" Write the name of the picture, then click the button below the 

"Choose File", select the picture and click on "Finish".

How do I add videos?

It's easy! Go to the menu "Media" then "Video" and click "Add Video". Write the name of video vypodayuschem later in the list, 

click on where it is hosting the video. In the input field "URL video" paste link video, copy it on the video page in the top 

browser window. Click "Finish"